Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Wellness Reading

.......... well its been sometime since i wrote that because i am very busy doing the following things :

1. Spa Hopping & Spa viewing for my assignment

2. I have been catching up on my reading. Two good books on Wellness that i am reading now are :

The Tao of Detox by Daniel Reid a very simple and lucidly written book which simplifies the detox for the common person. If i had to write a synopsis of the book in 5 lines - i would sum up like this " All health problems arise due to two basic problems - Acidosis(excess acid and hypoxia( insufficient oxygen). When internal toxicity exceeds the body's capacity to cleanse itself, alkaline and oxygen levels plummet and a state of toxemia develops. How to counter it ?Alkaline and oxygen are the twin pillars of good health and strong immune response which is what any good detox programme / detox diet and detox lifestyle does - Flushing out acids and restoring proper PH balance ( our blood has a pH value of 7.3-7.4, exactly the same as sea water - No wonder Thalassotherapy is a wonder therapy and works miracles) through breathing properly or oxygenationSecond important point one of the chronic reasons of acidosis is deficiency of essential alkaline minerals and elements - especially calcium and Magnesium.

The second book that i am reading is " Eat right for your blood type" - Dr Peter J D'Adamo complete encyclopedia. Phewwww and after that i have started to like my brocolli and spinach . It is intensive but i am taking it easy.

The third book is ESQ - Emotional Spiritual Quotient by Ary Ginanjar Agustian - an inspiring and new perspective to Islam and ESQ.