Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Favourate Treatments

There are two experiences that have stayed with me :

The best Hot Sand Massage at J W Marriot

Alameda Spa and Health Club a must try treatment is – the Hot Sand Therapy. The treatment begins with the massage on certain points of the body using a heated velvet pouch consisting of sea sand, various beans and traditional herbs. It continues with a warm spicy body exfoliation using ginger scrub to restore skin vitality and radiance. A warm oil body massage will end this treatment for total relaxation which can culminate with a quick shower or a floral or spice bath soak.

The special touch that I really liked was when one lies on the stomach facedown, what lies beneath is a big aromatherapy bowl with crushed ginger, lemongrass and pandan leaves releasing aromatic steam for inhalation, to me it is a very very special touch which enhances the overall effect of the treatment.

The hot water used for wiping has crushed ginger and it smells of ginger, and is very warming and soothing. After the treatment one feels very much rejuvenated and at peace with oneself.

The Best Balinese Boreh at TSRH

Another personal favorite is Balinese Boreh, a traditional village remedy used by rice farmers in Bali. It is believed that the Boreh can warm the body and relieve aching muscles and joints especially during rainy season. A complete treatment that begins with massage followed by scrub and body mask. What is most surprising is, after the mask, you can feel a surge of heat in your body and this is an excellent treatment for cold weather or if one is suffering from cold and congestion. It last for 2 hrs and costs Rp 400,000.