Friday, April 8, 2011

My 7 Days Detox at Kottakal Vaidyashala

.............Well i thought, since i will be fasting for 9 days from 5th of April why not use this opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate myself. So i went and met this Doctor and she suggested that i should do this Panchakarma treatment - which is like servicing of the car, it takes care of the deterioration process of the body and keep us healthy and balanced. So my treatment started on 5th - with Oil massage, Pudikidi ( Potali with Herbal powders heated and rubbed over the body) and then Shirodhara. The first day, i felt very tired and body was aching all over. Now today is the 4th day, i feel as if all the pain has been sucked out of my body and i feel quite light and nice.....i am not eating much, only the fast food and i sleep at night, i get good sleep. The hair is oil, i will wash it tomorrow as on Sunday we have to go for the Puja. The therapist told me that madam, after this treatment you will be fresh for 6 months.......

Tuljhapur, Pandharpur & Hyderabad

.........Wherever i think of visiting, the presiding deities promptly fulfill my our much delayed Hyderabad Trip finally materialised and we left on Friday and on the way stopped at Tuljhapur, offered our prayers , sari, Oti and prayed, then reached Hyderabad the next day. After staying there for 3 days we returned again on Wednesday and this time stopped at Pandharpur and spent the night there. Here also we saw the deity from very close and offered our prayers. It was a very fulfilling experience and more so as i travelled with both Mom and Mom-in-law.

Hyderabad was nice, we stayed with Priti and saw the light and sound show at Golkonda again, visited the Ramoji Rao city again and had Biriyani at Paradise....It was a nice trip and since this was done by car, it was more fun.