Friday, April 8, 2011

My 7 Days Detox at Kottakal Vaidyashala

.............Well i thought, since i will be fasting for 9 days from 5th of April why not use this opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate myself. So i went and met this Doctor and she suggested that i should do this Panchakarma treatment - which is like servicing of the car, it takes care of the deterioration process of the body and keep us healthy and balanced. So my treatment started on 5th - with Oil massage, Pudikidi ( Potali with Herbal powders heated and rubbed over the body) and then Shirodhara. The first day, i felt very tired and body was aching all over. Now today is the 4th day, i feel as if all the pain has been sucked out of my body and i feel quite light and nice.....i am not eating much, only the fast food and i sleep at night, i get good sleep. The hair is oil, i will wash it tomorrow as on Sunday we have to go for the Puja. The therapist told me that madam, after this treatment you will be fresh for 6 months.......

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