Sunday, June 22, 2008

Javana Spa Getaway

3 N & 4 D at Javana Spa

Day 1

….……..i had dreamt and planned about it for a longtime and finally it materialized when Dhiren was also here. Everytime I used to see the website and details, I used to wonder if any place can be really like that and the rates seemed expensive…...but when I visited all my doubts vanished……it is such a beautiful and pristine place…..the day we reached at about 12.30 pm it was raining and it was very very beautiful and misty….we had started from Jakarta at about 9 am and reached there by 11.30 and we were welcomed with a welcome drink and after filling up the form we were lead to our rooms.

….Our room was simple and tastefully done up and the door on the other side opened to a very scenic and beautiful scenery. ….i had never seen an Onsen before so I was very curious to see the Onsen on the premises .hmmm it was nice and there was someone already there….so we came back to the room and got ready for lunch in the beautiful dining room facing the lake. Since I am a vegetarian for me the lunch was Potato and broccoli, we had made friends with the nice Spanish girl who had accompanied us and it turned out that she stayed in the same apartment as me – Sudirman Mansion and was working for the Spanish consulate…..

Afternoon after lunch they took us for the waterfall trek, it seemed there are some 7 waterfalls in the premises and this waterfall was a nice one with a pool where one could take bath also. The guide told us that on the next day we would be going to the waterfall which is the best for taking bath….

After the trek, we had one hour of stretching class and then a short juice break after which we were ushered in for the Spa treatment which was Aromatherapy body massage. After the one hour massage, I went into the sauna, sat there for sometime and then sat in the Jacuzzi…since there was no one there I sat in my birthday suit and it was good and nice, the hot water after the massage was very very therapeutic.

Then in the evening after this we had freetime and at about 6.30 we went to the Dining room for the evening cocktails and then eventually soup and dinner….we all became close and friendly…..and after we went for a stroll and had an early night …..

Day 2

…..someone knocked at the door at about 5.30 am and dhiren shook me awake….we got dressed and I wore my swimming costume….it was nice and cold and bright outside and we all assembled at the spa lounge and went for the trek….it was about 20 minutes walk and then we reached the was breathtakingly beautiful and the water gathered in a perfect pool, very easy to access and take bath… while we were hesitantly thinking…this gentleman who had accompanied us said “ watch me” stripped off his clothes and jumped into the water….i couldn’t control myself any longer…. I too removed my clothes and stepped into the very very cold water………there was pebbles at the bottom of the pool and it was natural reflexology….and then I had a long bath in the pool , I tried to swim also…

…...this was the first time in my life that I had a full-fledged bath in a waterfall and I really enjoyed and relished the experience….after which when we came out of the pool they gave us hot ginger tea …..which was great, they had brought along towels for us and after which I wore my clothes on top of the wet costume and we all walked up……and headed to the dining room for breakfast…..the breakfast was muffins with strawberry jam and milk flavoured with ginger and cinnamon……and a platter of fruits….after breakfast we had two hours of high intensity aerobics and one hour of Stretching and relaxing.

Again it was Spa time – today I had opted for hair and scalp treatment…it was the regular hair cream bath……after this I thought we must spend sometime in the Onsen so when I went to the Onsen neither was the water very hot nor did it seem very clean, so we came out of it and went for a bath in our rooms…..

but it was good and then again we headed for lunch….today lunch was Spaggetti with bolongnaise sauce…..i enjoyed it thouroughly….and then after lunch again……..we went for another waterfall trek after which …there was a relaxation /stretch session and spa time … I had chosen Javanese massage and after the massage again we got ready headed for cocktails and dinner….everyday after dinner me and Dhiren took long walks in the estate and it was nice and cool and very very beautiful……

Day 3

………today morning I did not get up early and go for the trek to waterfall…I wanted to sleep and rest….so I stayed tucked up in my bed ….and then when Dhiren returned both of us got ready for breakfast…it was tofu and vegetable and then time for exercise again and my today’s treatment was Aromatherapy massaga again and in the evening spa time treatment was ….” Herbal Wrap” – it was a wonderful treatment something I did for the very first time……here is how it goes….the attendant asks you to take a shower…..after which you lie on the bed in a thermal aluminium sheet on which cloth which has been soaked in herbs for over 11 hours and boiled is put – you lie down and this whole thing is wrapped around you…and then a blanket is wrapped and you are nestled in this cocoon for 45 minutes in the meantime the therapist works on your face….and after 45 minutes, the wrap is removed and you come out of it feeling very fresh and clean….what this is supposed to do is detox the body and make it clean and fresh….

After this the therapist puts lotion all over your body.

Again evening , freetime, dinner and then walk and sleep

Day 4

Today is the last day and again is slept and left at 2 pm and reached Jakarta at 7 pm.

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